Pinch captures conversations and notes!

Analyze and share feedback,
Tell a better story, close more deals.

Help your team get more done, together!

A great way to empower your team

You're already running analytics on your website and email,
now it's time to do the same for your voice.


Pinch works seemlessly with the most popular conferencing tools to join your calls, track progress and take notes, "collaboratively" as a team.


Your conversations mixed with real-time monitoring, transcription and cutting edge smarts make it less like "magic..." and more like "works really well!"


By leveraging a system that follows your workflow and communication techniques you will be able to spot problems , share valuable feedback and enhance team cohesion.

Key Features

Discover the message that customers love.
Understand what's working and where to improve.
  • Integrates into your existing Applications
  • Bring new Sales reps up to quota faster
  • Show your average Sales reps, what top billers do
  • Share insights about customers with Marketing and Product teams
  • Scalable for Any Team Size
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Trusted by smart businesses

Pinch is utilized by companies of all sizes every day to guarantee
a productive and well-informed work environment.

like never before

Like other companies we've run all the analytics / tracking tools on our website and other digital assets. With a sales team of over 50 people it was very important for us to understand how to convert prospects into 'closed + won' deals.

We collaborate better
with remote team members

Since it's a cloud-based system, it can be used anywhere there is an Internet connection. We brought together teams on separate continents and were amazed at how easy it is to share and stay on task.

You can see they've really
thought about their Users

Pinch is designed from the ground up to provide a user experience second to none. With a simple push of a button, you can access everything your company needs without having to switch programs or wade through several menus.

My workflow now has
about 10 less clicks

It integrated into our conferencing system and streamlined my workflow, no more looking up numbers, it's just 1 click. I love the summaries, I never thought I would be so productive with my notes