Meet Pinch,
your new assistant.

Pinch is a personal meeting assistant that can join, record and transcribe your conversations so you can focus on being present. It makes sure your team has everything they need to run a successful meeting, and any important insights are being captured and shared with the right people.

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Add Pinch to your conversations.

Have you ever needed to revisit an important meeting to find a piece of information? Pinch can join your conversation, either on phone, computer or in-person. You always have a secure, recorded and transcribed version of your meetings handy.

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Take notes with peace in mind.

Have you ever needed more out of your notes? Forget worrying about capturing every last important detail and be more present in the conversation. Any notes you take in Pinch's focused notepad will be synced against the audio recording. You'll always have what you need.

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Search across your conversations.

Pinch analyzes your meetings and highlights important insights, trends and action items. It'll then alert members of your team who might find them interesting or useful. Search across all your conversations and never miss another important detail again.

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That's not all
that Pinch does

Single source of truth

Pinch will tell you who said what so that you have a measure of accountability.


Every conversation is transcribed automatically by our machine learning algorithms, or if you need 100% accuracy, a real human.

Synced Notes

Take your notes or meeting minutes against the actual conversation for context.

Action items

Note down important points and action items during your conversations and share them with your team.

Search Everything

Search through all your conversations and notes to quickly find exactly what you need.


View how often a topic was discussed or particular notes were taken across your conversations.

Meet wherever you want

Give Pinch a meeting link and it will join, take notes and analyze the conversation for you.




Perfect for most teams

  • Unlimited minutes

  • Up to 5 team members

  • Unlimited notes

  • Automated transcription

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Suitable for larger organisations

  • Unlimited minutes

  • Unlimited team members

  • Unlimited notes

  • Automated and manual transcription

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